December '22 Product Updates

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Your new secret weapon

Template Gallery

Our template gallery has been updated to showcase the latest charts, widgets and modules.

Identify the elements that are most relevant for you and Source Medium will add them to your dashboard.

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Source Medium chart demo
Source Medium chart demo

Post Purchase Survey Data

You can now integrate your survey data within your existing attribution reporting, allowing for a more holistic understanding of your consumers’ path to purchase. See examples here.

You can now add your survey data dashboard to your existing attribution reporting.

Features update

Cut through the complexity and understand what's really going on with your business.

Help Site Resources

Our Help Site is always being updated and is your go-to self-learning resource.

We’ve recently added a new cold-start guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to get your Source Medium dashboards up and running.

We have added our new Cold-Start guide, for those wanting to get themselves and their team up and running with their dashboards.

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Source Medium chart demo
Source Medium chart demo

New Dashboard Format

We’re adding a variety of new formats to our dashboards, including improved:

Help boxes

Filter layers

Easy access configuration sheet

Embedded knowledge base

Built by ecommerce veterans

Your success is our success

True insights into your business

Dive into your shop's performance in ways never possible before. Complex retention analysis, customer analytics, marketing efficiency deep dive – we‘ve got it all.

Infinite customizability

We work closely with each customer to cater our solution to their unique needs. Need a report we don't have? Our Analyst on-demand program can create any analysis with a flat hourly fee.

Built-in expertise

We built the product after launching and scaling 10+ direct-to-consumer brands to 8 to 9-figure run rate. Let us be your new secret weapon in growth.

100% risk-free

Test drive our product with a free trial. Let us prove our value before spending a single dollar.

Obsession with customer success

We're committed to our customers by providing thoughtful support from sign-up to launch. Worried about onboarding? We'll provide product trainings to ensure your team is up to speed as quickly as possible.

We love feedback

See areas for improvements? Got feature requests? We evolve and iterate our product constantly with feedback from our customers.