Preferred Platform Partners

Source Medium partners closely with a number of best-in-class platforms in the ecommerce space. We help our customers with both strategic implementation and advanced data services across these platforms.

Why trust us

We have special relationships with the platforms listed on this page, which provide us with exclusive discounts, elevated support, and an accelerated onboarding process.

Interested?We've worked with some of the most sophisticated  brands in the world having launched and grown more than a dozen brands across the Home & Garden and Beauty verticals. We take pride in our ability to evaluate and master the best technologies for our customers.

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Platform Partners

These partners were carefully selected for their sophisticated feature sets, superior customer support, and close integrations with Shopify.

Ecommerce platform
Our preferred ecommerce platform. Reach out to us about migration, analytics, and data engineering.
Email service provider
Our preferred email marketing and automation platform. Klaviyo has one of the best integrations with Shopify and is trusted by some of the biggest Shopify merchants.
Customer Success
Our preferred Customer Success platform. Gorgias closely integrates with Shopify and is a all-in-one solution to for both pre-sale and post-sale customer success operations.
Lead Capturing
Privy stands out amongst a sea of lead capturing tools for its close integration with Shopify and features specifically designed for ecommerce.
Landing Page Builder
As a Shopify Technology Partner, Shogun has one of the best integrations with the platform. It also ranks highly in terms of ease of use.
While GA is wildly popular, a large percentage of sites don't end up implementing it properly. As analytics and data experts, Source Medium can help your brand get to the perfect setup as well as leverage more advanced features GA offers.
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