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Actionable daily Slack sales reporting on key business metrics
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Bring data to your team

Get set up in 5 minutes and start bringing insightful reports to where your team already is.

Insightful daily reports

Quickly decipher your store's health and detect anomalies with insightful sales breakdowns.

7-day risk-free trial

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In addition to the trial, we also provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Shopify analyst that never sleeps

We help you make thoughtful and intentional decisions faster.

Insights straight from the source

We build our report with data directly pulled from Shopify – no worrying about analytics setup or data accuracy. The metrics are calculated based on your store's default timezone and currency.

Clear and actionable daily reporting in Slack

  • See previous day's Revenue, Orders, Avg. Order Value (AOV), and Refund. More metrics will come in the near future.
  • Context is everything – see how each metric compare with previous day and previous week.
  • Identify unexpected discrepancies and anomalies at a single glance.

Understand where each $$ comes from with Sales Breakdowns

  • Assess digital marketing effectiveness by attributing revenue to top Source/Medium, Landing Pages, and Referring Sites.
  • Identify your customers' preferred Payment Gateways. Spot anomalies in your payment patterns right away.
  • See sales byDevice Types and Browser Types. Never miss sales drops due to mobile UI bugs again.
  • Get insights into your promotions by attributing revenue to each Discount Code (coming soon).

We value customer success & feedback

We're committed to our customers by providing thoughtful support from sign-up to launch. See areas for improvements? Got feature requests? Give us feedback right in Slack. We're committed to creating the ultimate ecommerce analyst of the future.

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Metric Reporting
Sales Breakdown
“This plugin keeps our team in-sync on our daily metrics via slack. It makes it easy to align everyone around sales goals and investigate any potential sales bumps or dips. One of our favorite plugins and great to see the developer is active and constantly making it better.”

Chris Carella— Bellway Health


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“We've been using the app since beta and it has become the first thing I check every morning. The comparison with the day before and 7 days ago is pretty key to understanding how good/bad the numbers are. It's also the starter of many good discussions.”
Ello Masks
“Simple and easy to use! The app does exactly what it says – bring our shop's performance data to Slack. It makes a big difference to have the data right there for everyone to see and anomalies are easy to spot. Great support too!”
“This plugin keeps our team in-sync on our daily metrics via slack. It makes it easy to align everyone around sales goals and investigate any potential sales bumps or dips. One of our favorite plugins and great to see the developer is active and constantly making it better.”
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Frequently Asked Questions


What plans are available currently?

For a limited time, we're offering the "Early Access Plan" at a discounted monthly price. Every early access customer will get the full benefit of our product. As we develop additional features and mature the product, we'll be switching over to our tiered price offering.


What if I'm not authorized to install the app?

Shopify only allows the store owner to install apps. If you're not the store owner, share our app install page URL with your store owner at


How do I find my store ID?

Your Shopify store ID is the first part of the URL when you're logged into your store. After logging into Shopify, look for the URL in your browser and copy the first part of the URL. For example, if your store URL is, your store ID is "my-test-store". Use that to install the Daily Slack Report app to your store.


Why are the numbers different from my Google Analytics?

There could be a few causes for discrepancies with Google Analytics. For instance, GA will not work properly for users with Ad Block enabled, so those orders will not make it into the system. Depending on our Enhanced Ecommerce setup, there could also be over-reporting for cancelled and refunded orders.


How does the report work?

We use data from Shopify to build the reports, based on your store's default timezone and currency. The report is sent out daily at 5am EST everyday. Due to the geographic span of our customer base, we'll be sending the reports at 5am in the store's default timezone in the near future.


Why are the numbers different from my Shopify Sales Report?

We calculate metrics for orders with the financial statuses of "Paid," "Partially Paid," "Authorized," and "Partially Refunded" to ensure that the reported revenue is realized. We also do not take refunds into account for the time being. (we will in a future update) If you'd like to replicate the numbers Source Medium is reporting in Shopify Sales Report, filter for the statuses mentioned here and add in the refund amount.


How are the metrics calculated

The daily report groups orders from the previous day using the store's default timezone. Revenue numbers are calculated using each order's subtotal, which is the amount after discounts but before shipping, taxes, and tips.


When are the anomaly alerts coming?

We're actively working on our anomaly detection and alerting feature. To ensure that the alerts are relevant and noise-free, we're in alpha testing with a select few customers. If you're interested, please email us at


How are the sales breakdowns calculated

All breakdowns are calculated using the data directly from Shopify. Shopify ties a range of meta data to each order, which we use to aggregate and present to you for additional insights.

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