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Information on how reporting works, how metrics are calculated, and how data is collected.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What plans are available currently?

We have plans that cater to every size of business. Please reach out for a demo to learn more. If you're interested in our Slack reporting app, we currently offer it for free for a limited time only.


What if I'm not authorized to install the Shopify app?

Shopify only allows the store owner to install apps. If you're not the store owner, share our app install page URL with your store owner at https://www.sourcemedium.com/shopify-app.


How do I find my store ID?

Your Shopify store ID is the first part of the URL when you're logged into your store. After logging into Shopify, look for the URL in your browser and copy the first part of the URL. For example, if your store URL is https://my-test-store.myshopify.com, your store ID is "my-test-store". Use that to install the Daily Slack Report app to your store.


Why are the ecommerce numbers different from my Google Analytics?

There could be a few causes for discrepancies with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. For instance, GA will not work properly for users with Ad Block enabled, so those orders will not make it into the system. Depending on our Enhanced Ecommerce setup, there could also be over-reporting for cancelled and refunded orders.


How does the Slack report work?

We use data from Shopify to build the reports, based on your store's default timezone and currency. The report is sent out daily at 5am EST everyday. Due to the geographic span of our customer base, we'll be sending the reports at 5am in the store's default timezone in the near future.


Why are the Slack report numbers different from my Shopify Sales Report?

We calculate metrics for orders with the financial statuses of "Paid," "Partially Paid," "Authorized," and "Partially Refunded" to ensure that the reported revenue is realized. We also do not take refunds into account for the time being. (we will in a future update) If you'd like to replicate the numbers Source Medium is reporting in Shopify Sales Report, filter for the statuses mentioned here and add in the refund amount.


How are the metrics in the Slack reports calculated

The daily report groups orders from the previous day using the store's default timezone. Revenue numbers are calculated using each order's subtotal, which is the amount after discounts but before shipping, taxes, and tips.


When are the anomaly alerts coming?

We're actively working on our anomaly detection and alerting feature. To ensure that the alerts are relevant and noise-free, we're in alpha testing with a select few customers. If you're interested, please email us at support@sourcemedium.com.


How are the sales breakdowns calculated in the Slack reports?

All breakdowns are calculated using the data directly from Shopify. Shopify ties a range of meta data to each order, which we use to aggregate and present to you for additional insights.

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