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We obsess over ecommerce data. Our reports and alerts help you cut through the complexity and understand what's really going on with your store.

Build a data-driven culture

Get set up in 5 minutes and start bringing insightful reports to where your team already is. Build a data-driven culture around exploration and curiousity – unleash your team's inner data nerds.

Always at your fingertips

Accessing data should take seconds, not hours. Your store's performance is at your fingertips anywhere, any time, down to the hour. Just ping Source Medium in Slack!

Impactful alerts (coming soon)

Never miss another dip in sales. Monitor key metrics through our state of the art anomaly detection algorithm. Spend less time on checking data and more time on driving growth.

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Actionable insights

Cut through complexity, focus on actionable insights

Laser-focused simplicity & clarity

Quickly decipher shifting trends and anomalies through our carefully designed visualizations. We also annotate key holidays and provide comparisons with relevant historical benchmarks to give your data maximum context.

Zero learning curve

Instantly access metrics like Transactions, Conversion Rate, and Checkout Abandons across a variety of key dimensions. Share with any Slack channel or team member — if you can use Slack, you can use Source Medium.


Early customers love us

If you're on Shopify, this app is a MUST. It's the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at before leaving the office.
A new approach to analytics for Shopify. It opened our eyes to simple yet actionable data in easy-to-digest slack messages. Now I can be sure nobody in the company lives in "data silos" since our business vitals are completely transparent.
Source Medium freed up a lot of time from our growth team on tedious reporting and analysis tasks. We got data that we were able to act on immediately to make real bottom line improvements.
Each iteration of the product has consistently added value. The Source Medium team has been all about turning our feedback into new features since day one.
The onboarding support has been awesome. They were super communicative from the moment we signed up. We had reports sending across relevant slack channels in under an hour. This app is a must if you are serious about growing!
our commitment

Your success is our success

Always know how your business is doing

See your shop performance by hour, day, and week through automated reporting. Get insights on every aspect of your business and how it compares with historical benchmarks.

Business intelligence anywhere, any time

You shouldn't need an analyst to access data. Need data now? Ping Source Medium on Slack and get the freshest report with powerful visualizations that lead to clear insights.

State of the art anomaly detection (coming soon)

Our machine learning-enabled anomaly detection algorithm scans your data constantly for suspicious outliers and trends. Identify problems in hyper-speed and get alerted before losing significant revenue.

100% risk-free

No stressful sales process or complicated setup. Request your first report within 10 minutes of signing up. Our 14-day risk-free trial ensures that Source Medium is right for you.

Obsession with customer success

We're committed to our customers by providing thoughtful support from sign-up to launch. Worried about onboarding? We'll provide product trainings to ensure your team is up to speed as quickly as possible.

We love feedback

See areas for improvements? Got feature requests? Give us feedback right in Slack. We're committed to creating the ultimate ecommerce analyst of the future.

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