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Bridge analytical questions to insights

Cut through the complexity and understand what's really going on with your business.

Single source of truth

Access and visualize all your relevant data in one place. Understand your true cost of customer acquisition, marketing channel performance, customer retention, and leverage our deep customer model to help answer your analytically minded questions.

Grow with confidence

Data accuracy is paramount – we won't rest until you thoroughly understand and trust every metric in our reports. We identify areas to improve your tracking and attribution, and constantly filter out dirty data that may impact decision making.

Build your data backbone

We're the foundational data layer that empowers data-driven organizations across various stages of their lifecycles. Teams can grow and build on top of our robust data infrastructure, and most importantly you'll own your data at all times.


What our customers are saying

“Amazing team—we really enjoy having direct access to a great data “bench” via Slack. It’s service beyond anything I’ve experienced with a SaaS product. Data is commodity these days, so Source Medium has differentiated by helping us sort through it and gain insights. The team loves it.”
Drew Sanocki
Executive Chairman
“Source Medium is an incredibly powerful dashboard that we use across our organization for daily reporting and decision making. The team continuously offers us actionable observations based on our data. We look forward to the additional features they have in the pipeline, which we are confident will unlock a new level of data analytics capabilities for our omnichannel brand.”
John Sherwin
“Best-in-class attribution, excellent team, and the customer experience is beyond anything I’ve experienced with a SaaS product. We’ve surfaced new, actionable insights about our business using the Source Medium platform.”
Will Rossiter
Dir. of Performance Marketing
“There’s not too many tools that I’m OBSESSED with, but Source Medium is one of them. Cohort/LTV analysis down to the coupon codes used, integration with all our platforms, easily digestible visualizations, daily Slack reports, and the best CX around.”
Eli Weiss photo, director of CX at Olipop
Eli Weiss
Former Director of CX
“Source Medium is the first tool I open every morning. As a CEO it has become an integral tool to assess the daily health of the business and make long term strategic decisions. For other team members it became an essential tool for their decision making process.”
Mike Abadi
“Source Medium is the de facto reporting solution if you care about accuracy, customer experience, and flexibility. They understand deeply that data exist to produce actionable insights, and I’ve seen no better team at doing that than Source Medium!”
Wilson Hung testimonial profile photo
Wilson Hung
“Working with Source Medium has been a game changer for us at Ugly Drinks. It has helped us visualise data from across our full tech stack and the team have worked with us to set up a bespoke dashboard that suits our needs. It's made our reporting process much quicker and more efficient. Highly recommend for any DTC company!”
Orla Weir testimonial profile photo
Orla Weir
Former Global DTC Manager
“We’ve spent months looking for an analytics solution that would present accurate data we 100% trust in a digestible format that’s easily understandable by any team member. As soon as we found Source Medium, we knew this was the only solution we’d ever need. We’re a very happy customer and would recommend Source Medium to anyone looking for the best analytics solution in the market.”
Kevin Lee, Co-Founder at Immi
Kevin Lee
“Source Medium’s reporting provides our team with actionable and trustworthy insights to better grow and retain our customer base. It has become a single source of truth across all our eCommerce and marketing data. it’s a no-brainer for any serious digital brand!”
Micaela Beltran testimonial profile photo
Micaela Beltran
General Manager
@Not Pot
“Launching with Source Medium has been a fantastic decision for us – the insights it provide us since day one has been invaluable.”
Max Elder - Co-founder at eatnowadays.com
Max Elder
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Tailor-made for omnichannel eCommerce brands

Customize the solution to fit your needs

Our unique architecture allows for almost-infinite customization possibilities. Only see the metrics and charts that are relevant to your business and access the data directly to conduct your own analysis.

Supercharge your subscription business

Actionable analytics specific to your subscription business with our direct integrations with ReCharge, skio, and Retextion.

“The Source Medium team are true data pros. Their platform provides with us with a deep level of insights into our business health, marketing efficiency, and customer behaviors.  With insights we can trust, we’re much more confident in doubling down on our growth and transform into a truly data-driven organization.”

Eric Gilham - To Øl Beer

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True insights into your business

Dive into your shop's performance in ways never possible before. Complex retention analysis, customer analytics, marketing efficiency deep dive – we‘ve got it all.

Infinite customizability

We work closely with each customer to cater our solution to their unique needs. Need a report we don't have? Our Analyst on-demand program can create any analysis with a flat hourly fee.

Built-in expertise

We built the product after launching and scaling 10+ direct-to-consumer brands to 8 to 9-figure run rate. Let us be your new secret weapon in growth.

100% risk-free

Test drive our product with a free trial. Let us prove our value before spending a single dollar.

Obsession with customer success

We're committed to our customers by providing thoughtful support from sign-up to launch. Worried about onboarding? We'll provide product trainings to ensure your team is up to speed as quickly as possible.

We love feedback

See areas for improvements? Got feature requests? We evolve and iterate our product constantly with feedback from our customers.

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