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Clean, standardize, aggregate, and enrich your omnichannel data with ease.

data transformation
Why is our data the best?

Why is our data
the best?

Our proprietary data transformation process is specifically engineered for omnichannel businesses. It’s why our data is the most trusted in the industry.

Our platform normalizes, aggregates and validates your omnichannel data. We’re able to reconcile disparities, test for missing entries in data, append crucial details to datasets and unify disparate reports from various channels.

Taking a specifically omnichannel approach ensures that we've thought about data normalization in a context that truly makes sense for your business.

Data standardization

Our data standardization process harmonizes your data sources. Correcting data discrepancies, or aligning date formats, we ensure your data is consistent, reliable and ready for analysis.

Data standardization
Data aggregation & enrichment

Data aggregation
& enrichment

Our data aggregation method gathers and unifies your data from various sources into one comprehensive view.

Beyond simple aggregation, our process enhances raw data by cross-referencing with external data, filling in gaps, and determining the most accurate answers. One outcome of this enrichment process is our ability to get 30% more UTM coverage than Google Analytics 4.

Best-in-class attribution, excellent team, and the customer experience is beyond anything I've experienced with a SaaS product. We've surfaced new, actionable insights about our business using the Source Medium platform.

Will Rossiter

Dir. of Performance Marketing @LMNT

Illustration of UTM source

Attribute UTMs on up to 30% more orders than Google Analytics

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Avoid manual data collection and static spreadsheets

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Omnichannel by design with segmented sales and marketing data

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