One platform that covers your data movement needs

Seamlessly connect, store, and integrate your organization’s omnichannel data.

data extraction

Data extraction

Easily connect your omnichannel data sources with our extensive integration ecosystem. With over 50+ integrations including Shopify, Amazon, Stripe, Chargebee and other leading subscription platforms, we ensure that your data extraction process is efficient and saves your valuable data resources.

Data storage

Our reliable data storage solution not only provides a safe repository for your information, but also creates a standardized database that is ready for use.

By storing your data with us, you have the flexibility to move your data effortlessly across platforms, while still ensuring that your data is always accessible.

Data storage
Data integration

Data integration

Our flexible data movement technology makes it easy to integrate your data into any system that matters to you. By seamlessly transporting your data across platforms, we break down data silos and ensure information is readily available across your organization.

Source Medium is the first tool I open every morning. As a CEO it has become an integral tool to assess the daily health of the business and make long term strategic decisions. For other team members it became an essential tool for their decision making process.

Michelle Familier

Founder @Sunday Citizen

Illustration of UTM source

Attribute UTMs on up to 30% more orders than Google Analytics

Illustration of graphs

Avoid manual data collection and static spreadsheets

Illustration with Source Medium logo in the middle

Omnichannel by design with segmented sales and marketing data

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