One platform for data activation

Draw powerful insights from your omnichannel data through the consumption methods of your choice.

data activation
Direct data access

Direct data access

Explore your data at will with direct data access, maintain full control, and gain a clearer perspective of your information landscape. You’ll have the ability to perform your own analysis and drive more meaningful discoveries.


Our platform offers you the flexibility to use our pre-built, hosted reports or layer your own Business Intelligence tools on top of our data. This gives you the power to turn your raw data into insightful, easy-to-understand visualizations, fostering informed decision-making.

Connect to your models or 3rd party tools

Connect to your models or 3rd party tools

Our platform makes it easy to connect your data to third-party applications such as Media Mix Modeling vendors (like Prescient and Liftlab), as well as your AI/ML models.

You can now extend the utility of your data beyond traditional boundaries, leveraging your clean and trusted data to power predictive analytics, intelligent automation and custom applications.

There's not too many tools that I'm OBSESSED with, but Source Medium is one of them. Cohort/LTV analysis down to the coupon codes used, integration with all our platforms, easily digestible visualizations, daily Slack reports, and the best CX around.

Eli Weiss

Former Director of CX @Olipop

Illustration of UTM source

Attribute UTMs on up to 30% more orders than Google Analytics

Illustration of graphs

Avoid manual data collection and static spreadsheets

Illustration with Source Medium logo in the middle

Omnichannel by design with segmented sales and marketing data

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