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The challenge

Hans Kunisch is the Senior Vice President of Heights, a start-up that sells multivitamin supplements designed to support and improve brain health and function. The company was founded in 2019 by two tech entrepreneurs familiar with the burn-out of start-up culture; enlisting the expertise of dieticians and nutritionists, they developed a supplement to help people look after their own mental health.

Originally launched in the UK, Heights has grown quickly, selling subscriptions of its supplements direct-to-consumers online. Kunisch is responsible for the company’s revenue and growth, overseeing the company’s marketing efforts, as well as data and analytics.

In late 2022, Heights was preparing to launch a second product and to expand into the US market, adding new layers of complexity for this small business and the marketing support they required.

But even with their business poised to grow, Heights realized they needed greater visibility over their existing customer base. By packaging several months’ worth of products in each subscription delivery, Heights was counting all subscribers as “active” customers - even if they had no intention of repurchasing. To maximize value, the business needed to re-evaluate what it was counting as success.

Hans Kunisch

Senior Vice President



For teams that are looking for ease of use, impactful insights, and knowledgeable consultants, I think Source Medium is a great company to work with.

The solution

Source Medium presented an established, effective and agile solution for Heights’ ambitions to expand, and saved Heights the time and money required to develop a data analytics tool from scratch.

"We need to be nimble, and we need to be quick because we're growing fast, so having clear data and clear insights is key,” Kunisch explains. “Source Medium provides the ability to do that without a lot of effort on our part.”

Heights began with a two-week trial of Source Medium - which soon extended into a three-month trial, and eventually a longer-term contract. This gradual on-boarding built Heights’ confidence in the platform before any commitments were made, and gave them full visibility of the potential and benefits of using Source Medium.

“As our business continues to grow, the more data insights we get, and so we have more questions,” Kunisch says. “We know that the platform Source Medium provides is adaptable to our changing needs.”

Source Medium’s extensive data pipelines and integrations delivered more unified information about the performance of the company than Heights had previously been able to access, offering visibility across both online and offline channels.

Flexible and easy-to-use dashboards also gave the Heights team the ability to quickly visualize and optimize their business data, and are referenced daily by executives and founders alike.

Heights also work closely with the dedicated customer solutions analysts at Source Medium to explore, challenge and interpret their data. For Kunisch, the insights provided by the Source Medium team are closer to those of a “business partner” than a data partner.

Kunisch recalls how regular discussions with Source Medium’s consultants about customer retention led Heights to realize they had been prioritizing the wrong metrics - completely redefining the company’s strategy and business model. Shifting focus from “active” customers to customer lifetime value (LTV) helped Heights to prioritize what really mattered: revenue growth.

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