Why this consultant considers Source Medium as the gold standard for data infrastructure and reporting

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The challenge

Dan King, President of King Marketing, runs a boutique marketing company for high-growth e-commerce brands. Dan has a tenured background having led marketing and growth for brands such as Ritual and MeUndies. He now works with brands between $2 - $50 million in revenue at the intersection of e-commerce, marketing, and strategy.

For Dan to help brands grow, he needs to understand their current position and set a culture around decision-making. Having trusted data is central to this. But as Dan worked with more and more companies, he realized he was "spending unnecessary time trying to figure out where the data was instead of sourcing actual insights“.

Dan bucketed the problems he was experiencing as follows:

  1. Lack of data infrastructure: Brands had messy data infrastructure, meaning it was difficult to bring data together and slice data in different ways for analysis.
  2. Fragmented KPIs: Key KPIs lived in different places. Multiple Google Drives, sheets, and Data Studios, using mental math to come up with a story.
  3. Lack of technical resources: Brands needed technical help but weren’t ready for a full-time engineer or analyst.

Apple’s ios14 compounded these issues. Before, brands could get away with using platform data because it gave directional insights.

“Now you have to focus on your data; the stakes are much higher; you just can’t rely on third-party data tools anymore.”

The problems became so significant that Dan considered not working with brands that had not figured out their data infrastructure and reporting.

Dan King



King Marketing

For Dan, Source Medium is the gold standard for what e-commerce brands should do.

The solution

Dan selected Source Medium to do the heavy-lifting data work so that he could focus on helping clients with insights and strategy. For Dan, Source Medium is the gold standard for what e-commerce brands should do.

Dan chose Source Medium over other tools because he knows there is a guarantee that things will be set up correctly. He’s skeptical whenever he looks at data in other tools because they don’t focus on the data infrastructure as Source Medium does. Garbage in, garbage out.

Dan uses Source Medium to understand the health of his clients, benchmarking against key KPIs before going deeper and diagnosing issues and potential solutions.

Discounts are one example where Dan can turn data into insights and insights into actions. By combining several custom metrics, Dan and his clients can see the overall discount rates being offered. They then view this data by dimensions such as time and order value. From here, Dan and his clients can determine how much room for discounts they have and where they should apply them. This allows them to keep discounts in a healthy range, protecting margins. It is but one example of how Dan applies Source Medium to positively impact the businesses he works with.

The greater significance is that he can understand key growth levers for the business that goes beyond topline metrics. Source Medium helps to connect marketing strategies to the financial reality of each business. As a result, it irradiates ways to grow each business through the lens of profitability.

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