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Expand your services, save time, and enhance client reporting.

Partner with us via our referral program or host yourself to improve client retention.

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Referral partners

Refer Source Medium to your clients and get paid an ongoing commission on each sale.

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Host yourself

Purchase Source Medium for your agency and host all of your clients' data within your own centralized view. Improve client retention with a single source of truth for their data.

Why partner with us

Grow revenue for your business

All partners earn recurring referral commissions. Our subscription-based pricing model allows multiple commissions from a single referral.

Save on reporting time

One of the biggest time drains for any agency is client reporting. Improve agency margin by reducing manual tasks.

Benchmark client data

Unlock insights across your entire client portfolio by bringing all of your clients' data into a central source.

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Source Medium is the "Gold Standard" for what eCommerce brands should do.

Dan King

President @King Marketing

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