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Today we formally announced that Source Medium will be the exclusive partner powering the analytics for all merchants on Skio, the fastest growing Shopify subscription platform. This launch of our Embedded Analytics Solution draws upon our vast experience serving as the primary source of truth for best-in-class CPG brands, bridging analytical insights to business performance.

Why Embedded Analytics?

Since our inception in 2020, Source Medium has relentlessly focused on becoming the single source of truth for analytical minded omnichannel brands.

The extension of Source Medium’s product within the direct product offering of eComm SaaS partners further demonstrates how important we’ve become as the central source of truth for merchants across vital touch points in the eCommerce ecosystem.

Our versatile and robust underlying customer data models are built upon a foundation of accuracy and trust, while our flexible customer interaction layer is intuitive and contextually relevant — allowing for a self-service model through B2B partners like Skio.

How does our Embedded Analytics Solution differ from Source Medium?

Our co-developed Embedded Analytics Solution are scoped to specific data needs, which in the case with Skio is building out successful acquisition and retention strategies for their merchants, while our core product continues to have advanced integrations and customer, order, and product level models for direct customers who desire to go even deeper with their data.

The product offering itself will continue to evolve as new merchant use cases and needs develop, and as we continue to partner with B2B players that service different touch points of omnichannel brands.

What does the future hold

We believe that data is a user experience problem, and that providing trustworthy, insights to action-oriented tools will be the critical next step to allow teams to make better decisions with their data.

The release of our Embedded Analytics Solution is just the tip of the iceberg in our mission to become the core operating system that brands and ecosystem partners rely on.

Learn more about our Embedded Analytics Launch with Skio here, and sign up for a demo for Source Medium here.

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