Hello everyone, welcome to Source Medium.

Our mission is to deliver impactful reports, analysis, and alerts to the right people at the right time — the ecommerce analyst that never sleeps.

Why is this a problem worth solving? Having launched and grown 10+ DTC ecomm brands, we see acting on the right data-driven insights as a major problem growth teams face today. Spreadsheets, Data Studio, GA, vendor dashboards, the list goes on. How can leaders ensure that their teams align on the same metrics and goals? Many companies eventually hire a team of analysts, but good ecomm-focused analysts are hard to come by. What if analytical and workflow automation were the answer all along?

We're in the midst of building a product that brings reports, analysis, and alerts directly from Shopify to Slack. If you are on Shopify Plus and would like to try us out, sign up for early access or reach out to us directly.

— The Source Medium Team

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