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Since launching earlier this year, we've made a number of improvements to our Slack daily report. Our goal during early access is to ensure reliability of our reporting infrastructure as well as constantly improving the content of each report. We want to make sure that everyone can gain something insightful about their shop's performance with a quick glance each morning. With this goal in mind, we've improved the main metrics reporting and added a new section called "Sales Breakdowns."

Metrics reporting

To more closely match the numbers you might find in the official Shopify sales report, we began to take refunds into consideration when calculating each day's revenue. We've also added the total refund amount for each day for improved visibility.

Shopify refund reporting
Example refund reporting

As you might also notice, we've added some helpful emojis to help you quickly decipher whether a comparison with previous periods are good or bad. For more information on how each metric is calculated, refer to this help center article.

Sales Breakdown

Sales Breakdown provides helpful insights on where your revenue comes from among a number of dimensions, such as browser type, source/medium, and landing pages. We gather and analyze the data directly from Shopify to ensure 100% accuracy. This feature is not meant to solve attribution, however, where reporting from Google Analytics and Facebook can come in handy.

Shopify reporting sales breakdown
Example sales breakdown

You might notice that we are only surfacing the top 3 dimensions for each breakdown category in order to minimize noise. In future updates, we will allow for further drill downs and analysis right inside of Slack.

For more information on Sales Breakdown, refer to this help center article.

Sharing is caring

Lastly, we've added the functionality to quickly share any report with another channel or user in your workspace. Something interesting you'd like to discuss with other teammate not in the reporting channel? Now you can easily share the report with them with our "Share Report" button.

That's it for now. We're hard at work on some new exciting features for the coming months that include anomaly detection, dynamic data requests, and retention reporting. New to Source Medium? Start your free trial here.

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